Today, we reset the net and blocked government surveillance.
You can still be a part of Reset The Net, click here.

Today, we reset the net and blocked government surveillance.

You can still be a part of Reset The Net, click here.

Reset the Net Table of Contents

Edward Snowden’s statement in support of Reset the Net


Edward Snowden issued this statement via his attorney in support of Reset the Net:

"One year ago, we learned that the internet is under surveillance, and our activities are being monitored to create permanent records of our private lives — no matter how innocent or ordinary those lives might be.

Today, we can begin the work of effectively shutting down the collection of our online communications, even if the US Congress fails to do the same. That’s why I’m asking you to join me on June 5th for Reset the Net, when people and companies all over the world will come together to implement the technological solutions that can put an end to the mass surveillance programs of any government. This is the beginning of a moment where we the people begin to protect our universal human rights with the laws of nature rather than the laws of nations.

We have the technology, and adopting encryption is the first effective step that everyone can take to end mass surveillance. That’s why I am excited for Reset the Net — it will mark the moment when we turn political expression into practical action, and protect ourselves on a large scale.

Join us on June 5th, and don’t ask for your privacy. Take it back.”

-Edward Snowden

#ResetTheNet Sharing Resources

We need everyone’s help to kick off Reset the Net on June 5th. Whether you’re an individual with 20 friends or an organization with 2 million members, please use the materials below to spread the word.

Scroll down to the bottom for sample email text to send to lists.

Step 1:

Please join this Thunderclap with your Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr to help promote the privacy pack on June 5th:

Step 2:

Please tweet about your participation in Reset the Net using #ResetTheNet:

Sample tweet text:

The countdown has started! Less than a week before we #ResetTheNet and take back our privacy. Join us on June 5th!

On June 5th we will #ResetTheNet and turn off government surveillance. Are you in?

We’re joining #ResetTheNet to shut down mass surveillance with technology and action. Learn more:

On June 5th we will #ResetTheNet to make mass surveillance too expensive to continue. Join us!

Stop the oppression and take back your privacy. Join the movement to #ResetTheNet -  

Are you ready to take back your privacy?Join the movement to #ResetTheNet and end mass spying:

On June 5th, we take back our privacy. #ResetTheNet to end mass surveillance. RT & Join us:

Enough is enough. Time to take our privacy back. #ResetTheNet.

The more we learn about #NSA, the clearer it is that tweaks & fixes are not enough. we have to  

Step 3:

Please post one of these graphics to Facebook linking back to


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Step 4: Send this email to everyone you can

One year ago today, the way we think about the Internet changed forever.

Edward Snowden blew the whistle on one of the worst human rights abuses in history: the U.S. government has been secretly monitoring our phone calls, webcams, texts, chats, real-time location, and reading habits — literally everything we do online and with our phones.

Finally, there’s something you can do about it that will make a difference right now.

Click here to join Reset the Net and kick the government off of your computer and phone.

In the year since we first learned the lurid details of the NSA’s dragnet spying operation, a massive wave of opposition has echoed across the globe. Millions have taken action online and in the streets with one clear message: mass surveillance by any government is illegitimate. It violates our right to be ourselves, and undermines freedom of speech and democracy.

Despite the massive public outcry, a whole year after the revelations Congress has done nothing. The NSA is still tapping our phones and computers, while politicians endlessly debate our rights away.

We have no choice but to take matters into our own hands. Click here to learn how you can help Reset the Net.

We have to power to protect our privacy — and reclaim the Internet – right now. The Snowden documents show that the NSA is relentless and corrupt, but they’re not invincible. We know encryption works — the proof is in the fact that the U.S. government still doesn’t know what documents Edward Snowden took.

Most of us haven’t tried using privacy tools yet. We use the Internet and feel icky knowing the government is watching and recording our every move. But the reality is that it’s easier than you think to take a few simple steps and protect your privacy and the privacy of your loved ones. The more of us that use basic encryption tools, the safer we all are.

Click here to get the Reset the Net “Privacy Pack” — easy to use tools to protect your freedom.

Today thousands of people — and some of the most popular websites and apps on the web — are taking concrete steps to secure their part of the Internet and make suspicionless, dragnet-style surveillance exponentially more difficult and expensive for governments to conduct.

Today we’re coming together to make a better, safer web, and a better, freer world. Everyone has a role to play. Tell your friends.

Press Release: Companies & Organizations Announce Plan to “Reset the Net”

May 5, 2014

Media Contacts:

Tiffiniy Cheng & Evan Greer, Fight for the Future            

Phone: 978-852-6457, 413-367-6255       


Tech companies, diverse organizations and thousands of individuals announce plan to “Reset the Net” on anniversary of first Snowden surveillance story

Popular companies and sites including reddit, imgur, DuckDuckGo, CREDO Mobile, and BoingBoing stand with diverse coalition of organizations, plan to announce security improvements while thousands of Internet users oppose mass surveillance by adopting encryption technology

Today, a coalition of thousands of Internet users, companies and organizations launched a campaign for a day of action to “Reset The Net” on June 5th, 2014, the anniversary of the first NSA surveillance story revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Tens of thousands of internet activists, companies and organizations committed to preserving free speech and basic rights on the Internet by taking steps to shutting off the government’s mass surveillance capabilities.

Watch the campaign video and see a full list of participants here:

More than 20 organizations and companies support the launch of the campaign including Fight For The Future (who initiated the campaign) along with reddit, CREDO Mobile, Imgur, Greenpeace, Libertarian Party, FireDogLake, Thunderclap, DuckDuckGo, Disconnect.Me, Demand Progress,  Access, Free Press, Restore the Fourth, AIDS Policy Project, PolitiHacks, OpenMedia, Free Software Foundation, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Code Pink, Popular Resistance, Participatory Politics Foundation, BoingBoing, Public Knowledge, Amicus, New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Student Net Alliance, and the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Organizations and companies across the technology industry and political spectrum oppose the bulk collection of data on all internet users. Reset The Net is a day of action to secure and encrypt the web to shut out the government’s mass surveillance capabilities.

The Reset The Net website details the coalition of companies and organizations which are participating, either by improving their own security for users or promoting privacy tools to their members. Internet users are invited to join in on the day of Reset The Net to install privacy and encryption tools and secure their personal digital footprint against intrusive surveillance.

Below are statements by representatives of several organizations participating in Reset The Net.

For a complete list, go to

To schedule an interview with an organizer from one of these groups, contact:

Tiffiniy Cheng or Evan Greer, Fight for the Future            

Phone: 978-852-6457, 413-367-6255       


“Freedom to be yourself is everything. No government can take that away from us, so we’re going to use the power we have to take it back,” said Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder of Fight for the Future, “Now that we know how mass surveillance works, we know how to stop it. That’s why people all over the world are going to work together to use encryption everywhere and make it too hard for any government to conduct mass surveillance. There are moments in history where people and organizations must choose whether to stand on the side of freedom or tyranny. On June 5th, the Internet will show which side it’s on.”


"We can take back control of our personal and private data one website, one device, one Internet user at a time," said Erik Martin, General Manager of reddit, "We’re proud to stand up for our users’ rights and help Reset the Net."

"A year after Snowden’s shocking revelations, the NSA is still spying on innocent Americans without a warrant," said Michael Kieschnick CEO of CREDO Mobile. "CREDO will continue to demand Congress and the president take action to stop unconstitutional mass warrantless surveillance, and until we win real reform, we will encourage users to adopt encryption tools to protect their personal communications from government abuse of the 1st and 4th amendment."

“A year ago, the world awakened to the reality that the freedom, openness, and security of the internet is gravely at risk. In the wake of mass spying revelations, it is becoming ever more clear that robust encryption practices must be used by all internet platforms in order to protect the privacy of internet users,” said Amie Stepanovich, Senior Policy Counsel at Access. “Access has launched the Data Security Action Plan, which outlines actionable steps that can be taken to protect against unauthorized surveillance - we hope that companies will use the Action Plan as a guide as they look for ways to help Reset the Net.”

"As the NSA and other intelligence authorities continue to undermine the basic security of the Internet ecosystem, it’s become clear that we need to build new legal and technical firewalls against overreaching government surveillance," said Kevin Bankston, Policy Director of New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute.  ”The Open Technology Institute is excited to support Reset the Net and highlight the need for all of us—both individual internet users and the companies that serve them—to take full advantage of encryption and other security tools that can help protect our private data against snoops, spies, criminals and creeps.”

“The Libertarian Party enthusiastically joins Reset the Net,” said Carla Howell, Political Director for the Libertarian National Committee. “Over thirty Libertarian candidates running for federal office this year have pledged to shut down the NSA and invite Edward Snowden to return home a free man. He should be granted an immediate presidential pardon, awarded the American Medal of Freedom, and applauded for blowing the whistle on the NSA’s abuse of the Constitution.”

Joe Hall of Center for Democracy and Technology said, “Legal and architectural changes to push back against mass surveillance happen very slowly, but all of us with a computer, an app, or a website can take matters in our own hands now and Reset the Net from the bottom up.”

Steve Anderson, Executive Director of, said: “At the end of the day, we’re going to have to create accountability for governments that are spying on their citizens. And it’s sad that people feel they need to route around what their government is doing - this shows just how far governments have grown out of touch with their citizens. It’s so important that people speak out in any way they can about surveillance, and using encryption technologies is one way to do that.”


Fight for the Future works to excite the Internet to fight for the public good, our basic rights and freedoms. Founded in 2011, we’re known for effective, viral organizing and mass engagement through the distributed organizing platforms we’ve built, including the SOPA protests in the winter of 2012-2013 and the Internet Defense League. For more information, visit or our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Reset the Net FAQ

Since the NSA and other governments are attacking our privacy from so many angles, it’s hard to see a path forward, and it’s easy to slide into paralyzing skepticism.

But we can’t let skepticism or a sense or that the NSA is omnipotent (they aren’t) become an excuse for doing nothing.

The Snowden docs have given us the best blueprint you could ever have of a secretive institution’s inner workings. Experts have analyzed this blueprint and, like the Death Star, there is a weakness: we can’t stop targeted hacking, but we can stop mass surveillance, by taking some straightforward steps, together.

Skepticism and paranoia are welcome here, to a point. This FAQ is our attempt to shine a light through some common doubts, and show a path forward. We hope it helps. Read on…

Read more

Why should I care about privacy, when I have nothing to hide?

We get this a lot. There are a million answers (our favorite short one is “Nothing to hide? Really?”) but here’s something thoughtful and comprehensive to share with a friend the next time it comes up. The short version? None of the freedom and progress we’ve won over the past century would have been possible without the freedom to change things (starting with our own lives first) that privacy gives us.

Read more

Twitter Brigade

If we can get the Internet’s most popular websites and apps to step up security, the NSA is in serious trouble. Especially if we can get them to add end-to-end encryption.

We’ve got to start somewhere. Here’s a list of tweets with a a few things major companies should totally do as soon as they can to protect our privacy. Who knows? To limit the damage the NSA has done to their reputations, they might listen.

Start your engines… here’s the list!

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