More ways to win against mass surveillance.

First, there are tons of ways to fight back against NSA surveillance. Anything that makes the Internet or individuals using it safer and more secure makes mass surveillance harder, for the NSA and for any other government.

It can start with you. These super-easy encryption tools let you talk, chat, and text with pretty strong privacy. If everyone used them, that would go a long way to shutting down mass surveillance. So, be the first. And tell your friends. In the end, beating the NSA could be that simple.

At the same time, we need to think about scale: how can we get absolutely massive numbers of people using end-to-end encryption? What’s your best soapbox? What’s the biggest circle of people you can get to where, if you showed them a way to take back their privacy, they’d listen, and try it out? Here are some specifics.

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The Privacy Pack

The Reset the Net privacy pack will be a selection of software and tips tailored to common computers, phones, and tablets that literally anyone can use.

Our goal is to accommodate literally everyone, and offer bonus tools and instructions for more technical users. Since the tools will be pretty much universal, it should be easy for people to share the privacy packs with friends.

It’ll provide tools and tips for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux, and everything will be free software.

Here’s what we’re offering…

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The Reset the Net splash screen

If you have a website (or a mobile app!) run the “Reset the Net” splash screen or banner as a part of the biggest backlash against mass surveillance on June 5th, to help protect as much of the Internet as possible and take a stand for privacy. Link them to the privacy pack.

Splash screen:

Add this script right before the </body> tag. (See demo)

<script type="text/javascript">
   window._idl = {};
   _idl.variant = "modal";
   _idl.campaign = "reset-the-net";
   (function() {
     var idl = document.createElement('script');
     idl.type = 'text/javascript';
     idl.async = true;
     idl.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + ' ' + (_idl.url || '') + '&campaign=' + (_idl.campaign || '') + '&variant=' + (_idl.variant || 'modal');

You won’t see it right away because it is set to go live at midnight on June 5th. To see it on your site, you can also add ?_idl_test=1 to the end of any page URL configured to display the alert and see it pop up, e.g.

For further instructions or plugins for WordPress etc., click here.



For a smaller banner at the bottom of your page, add this script right before the </body> tag. (See demo)

<script src="//"

Splash screen (alternate version):

If you’re having issues, here’s an alternate way to add the splash screen.

<script src="//" async></script>

The script is set to hide until the day of.  So it’s working properly if you don’t see anything.

To see what your page will look like with the alternate splash screen on, (re)load your page with #ALWAYS_SHOW_RTN_WIDGET in the URL. For example:

Can your site run the splash screen? Email us now, or sign up on Reset the Net

How we secure our phones (SSL, cert pinning, PFS & more)

As big a deal as the web is, phones and tablets are even bigger. The number of mobile devices out there already dwarfs the number of desktops. Smartphones are getting so useful and so cheap, it’s clear we’re heading to a world where every family and then every person on the planet has one. That means right now, every mobile app maker shares in the responsibility for the future privacy of everyone on the planet. The good news? Mobile apps are in a position to make mass surveillance extremely difficult for government spies.

If we make the right moves now, the explosive growth of smartphones can become the NSA’s worst nightmare. Here’s how.

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How we secure the web (HTTPS, HSTS & PFS)

For many of us, communicating, reading, working, and socializing on the Internet starts and ends with the web. So, any push to end mass surveillance must start there.

HTTPS, HSTS, and PFS (perfect forward secrecy) are powerful tools that make mass spying much more difficult. Until websites use them, we’re sunk: agencies like the NSA can spy on everything. Once they’re ubiquitous, mass surveillance is much harder and more precarious—even if you’re the NSA.

Here’s how sites can do their part to end mass surveillance, what it gets us, and why it matters so much to Reset the Net and the overall fight.

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Let’s get started

By June 5th, do something to reset your part of the web. Figure out how you can shut off the parts the government has invaded and start using new technology that directly interferes with dragnet surveillance. Don’t just do it alone, tell everyone that you’re helping to Reset the Net. 

No data should be sent in the clear. Ever.
Websites can add SSL. Email services can add START-TLS. Large companies must encrypt links between data centers.

End-to-end crypto can be massively popular.
There is no reason why a free software app with end-to-end crypto can’t get as popular as Skype or Whatsapp. Got the skills? Start fresh now, help make an existing app more popular & viral, or add strong crypto to an already-popular product. For inspiration: AdiumPidginOTRTextSecure,LEAPChatSecureSecureDropTorDuckDuckGoDisconnect.MeGPGtools.

Users have power.
You don’t have to be an engineer to join the fight. We can push companies to do the right thing and vote with our feet, by evangelizing the best secure tools.

Be a hero.
Don’t just run down a checklist. Think about where your skills & relationships can potentially protect millions. Where can you and your friends use crypto to hit the NSA the hardest?