More ways to win against mass surveillance.

First, there are tons of ways to fight back against NSA surveillance. Anything that makes the Internet or individuals using it safer and more secure makes mass surveillance harder, for the NSA and for any other government.

It can start with you. These super-easy encryption tools let you talk, chat, and text with pretty strong privacy. If everyone used them, that would go a long way to shutting down mass surveillance. So, be the first. And tell your friends. In the end, beating the NSA could be that simple.

At the same time, we need to think about scale: how can we get absolutely massive numbers of people using end-to-end encryption? What’s your best soapbox? What’s the biggest circle of people you can get to where, if you showed them a way to take back their privacy, they’d listen, and try it out? Here are some specifics.

  • Are you a musician or performer? Shout out privacy tools from the stage.
  • Do you have a website, blog, or tumblr? Run our splash screen.
  • Everybody’s got friends on Facebook & Twitter. Join the Thunderclap.
  • Are you a student? Learn how to organize at your school, and get your school to add NSA-resistant privacy to its services.
  • Do you work in a political organization or NGO? Distribute the privacy pack to your members.

Finally, the most powerful way to make privacy scale is to build it in everywhere, and do it so well, it’s almost invisible. If you’re a developer, that’s what you should work for. There’s no reason the videochat or messaging platform of the future can’t be free, open source, and end-to-end encrypted. There’s no reason why we can’t build end-to-end crypto into the web. Here our thoughts on how web and mobile app developers can fight back against government surveillance.

Developers can do. So. Much.

Have an existing project? Be a hero and build in end-to-end encryption, ideally using an open standard like ZRTP (for voice/video), OTR, or Textsecure (for messaging).

Have an idea for a new project? Get to work.

Just looking to contribute your time and talent? Here’s a list of potentially game-changing privacy projects that could benefit from your help.